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Elementile is a dynamic, two-player card game that is won - or lost - based on the choices you make, not the cards you draw. Decks are drafted or pre-constructed around six core elements: earth, light, fire, water, darkness, and wind. Each element has its own unique strengths, heroes, and spells. Resources are gained by exchanging cards in your hand, giving you complete control over how you progress your game and what units or spells you play.

Elementile will be coming to Kickstarter in Fall 2020! Check out www.playelementile.com for more information and to sign up for alerts about the game's progress.


I have partnered with Elementile and have designed and created the card layouts, card borders, hero art, symbols, logo, playing boards, enamel pins, and website. Below are some examples of the art I've made for Elementile. The rest can be seen on the game's official website.

**Please note: Art is not final.**

Elemtentile - Effie Pyropack Heir 2.jpg
2. Effie, Pyropack Heir.png
2. Sparky, Blaze of Courage.png
4. Reginald Knight Captain.png
4. Elanor Mirror Guardian.png
Elemtentile - Elanor Mirror Guardian.jpg
Elemtentile - Phadria.jpg
1. Phadria, Void Beckoner.png
1. Grimsby.png
3. Isen, the Favored.png
3. Ollo, Ephemeral Shield.png
Elemtentile - Ollo Ephemeral Shield.jpg
Elemtentile - Sigfried the Vital V2.jpg
5. Sigfried the Vital.png
5. V, Master Assassin.png
Arrows with pics.png
6. Mira, The Peoples Bond.png
Elemtentile - Mira, the People's Bond.jp
Board Double.png
Fire with glow.png
Earth with glow.png
Light with glow.png
Wind with glow.png
Water with glow.png
Darkness with glow.png
Carbon 14 collections (white).png

"Study the science of art; study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else."

Leonardo da Vinci

Carbon 14 brings the beauty and mystery of human cell biology to a collection of easy-to-wear clothing that engages both the eyes and the mind. Its everyday casual style is meant to be worn by anyone—with unique, fun graphics designed to inspire and highlight the wonder of human biology.

I created Carbon 14 in 2020 to combine by love of art and science. I want to show that these are not two distinct disciplines, but instead, complement and inspire each other.

My goal with Carbon 14 is to use art and fashion to encourage people to learn more about biology and science, regardless of if they work or study that discipline.